Rocket and Me Ampitheater 3

I'm Scott Borden, founder/owner of Our Dog Trainer. I'm from Ft. Collins, Colorado, but I've lived and worked in the greater Louisville Kentucky and Southern Indiana region since 1988. Lucky for me, I met my wife, Susan, here! We have three grown kids between us—one in Bloomington IN, one in Washington DC, and one in Brooklyn NY—and two grandchildren. We share our Sellersburg IN home with a sixteen-pound male cat—Louie—and our pack of adopted, mixed-breed dogs—Samantha (Terrier mix), Cimarron (Golden Retriever—Australian Shepard mix), and Rocket (Coonhound mix). Scroll down to view pictures of our pack!

"Why and how did you become a professional dog trainer?" you ask. I was a dog owner—just like you—who wanted to do more to help people. One thing I did was write a grant proposal for the New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter to fund the surgical equipment for the new mobile spay/neuter clinic. While writing the grant, I discovered a jaw-dropping statistic: 47% of the 8 million dogs and cats that enter animal shelters each year are euthanized simply because homes are not available. I'm not just talking about dogs with serious challenges like aggression and anxiety, I'm talking about gentle dogs with little-to-no training and minor behavior issues dying in shelters. That is staggering! I knew I could make a bigger difference and save lives as a trainer. So, I established the Our Dog Trainer Mission—keep dogs out of shelters—earned my Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) certificate, joined the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), and became self-employed!

Dogs have been a conscious part of my life since 1968. Back then I realized I had a ‘natural way’ with them. I proved it with Pagan, my father-in-law’s GIGANTIC German Shepherd guard dog—his paws were as big as dinner plates! Anyway, after I earned his trust, I could enter his pen anytime to play fetch and to scratch his ears and chest.

I proudly served the community as an unpaid member of the New Albany Floyd County Animal Control Authority. The Authority continues to be responsible for finding homes for the unwanted animals at the New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter and for the proper administration of city and county animal control ordinances.

So, now you know a little about me! I'd love to know more about you and what we can do to help you change your dog and change your life! Take a look at the website. Read a few testimonials. Watch some videos. And check out our dog training programs. When you're ready, contact us. We are ready to help you!



Sam 2

Sam was adopted in 2008 from the New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter. Where this terrier mix got her pointy ears is a mystery—at times we swear it's German Shepherd because they are so gigantic! She loves most dogs, if she is introduced to them gently, and every person she meets. She is the inspiration for the Our Dog Trainer logo.


Cima 1 PS

Cima was adopted in 2011 from the New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter. She is a Golden Retriever–Australian Shepherd mix. She is a gentle soul with people and dogs. Cima LIVES to chase and retrieve her ball! In fact we can't say or spell ball, we have to say "blue orb"! We use her to help rehabilitate dogs because she is so stable.


Rocket Stairs

Rocket was adopted in 2013 from Louisville (KY) Metro Animal Services. He is a Coonhound mix. He is pushy, nosey, curious, confident, vocal, athletic, and sweet—all super! He likes people and other dogs. We use him to demonstrate obedience and—because he is so stable—to help rehabilitate aggressive and reactive dogs.